Problems with Temporary Scalp Micropigmentation

Not everyone is aware of it but there are actually different types of SMP (aka the hairline tattoo). In particular, temporary Scalp Micropigmentation and permanent Scalp Micropigmentation. While temporary SMP treatment can offer a few benefits in very specific cases, it comes with several significant pitfalls you should know about. It is never advisable to explore only a portion of available information when considering a cosmetic or medical treatment. Therefore, we do our best to deliver as much as information as possible so you understand all the facts involved with SMP.

Considering getting temporary scalp micropigmentation for your bald head?

The Pitfalls of Temporary Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

SMP treatment when not done correctly has the potential for fading, blurring, bleeding and discolouration. However, if you opt for temporary SMP, then the potential fading issues will be more of a concern. The temporary pigments typically last between six and twenty-four months, and they are designed to fade and ultimately disappear completely.

However, a much larger concern is discolouration present within the fading process. If pigment begins to turn green or blue, it can create a very unnatural appearance. Furthermore, you could be stuck with some very strange discolouration for several long months while the pigment fades a little at a time, before disappearing completely. This can be awkward at the very least, and in some cases, it can create a real appearance problem that can be difficult to handle.

More Problems With Temporary Scalp Micropigmentation

In addition to discolouration concerns, it is important to point out that temporary SMP will require you to completely redo the treatment process every six months to twenty-four months. This will mean continually having to repay for treatments. Plus, have to endure the pre-care, post-care and treatment process, repeatedly. This can get a bit expensive, requires a lot of preparation and travel time, as well as becomes just too much of a burden for most people.

An additional word of caution about temporary SMP treatment is to remind you that performing SMP treatments at a high-quality level is a skill. Skill levels and consistency will vary from clinic to clinic, technician to technician. Which is why your choice of the clinic is so vital. When you choose temporary SMP your first time around might end up with you feeling very satisfied with the quality of work performed. However, the next time you could be stuck with a treatment that does not meet your standards. Having to have the treatment many times could lower your chances of receiving a perfect treatment every time.

Due to the very nature of the procedure being temporary, the pigments used in temporary SMP can be less stable. Keep in mind, the pigments are specifically designed to break down and disappear at some point. So they can have an element of unpredictability in some cases.

The Right Choice

The right choice for you depends greatly on your individual circumstances and should be discussed in-depth with your chosen SMP provider. However, it is always advisable to consider all sides of the issue before making a final determination of what road to travel.

A quality SMP clinic should always be willing to take the extra time to explore all your options with you.  As well as provide complete answers to any questions or concerns you have. We do not offer temporary scalp micropigmentation for many good reasons, some of which are listed above. However, we are happy to discuss it with you and do what we can to help.

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