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The problems of hair loss have been with us since man started walking on two feet unlike his more hirsute jungle cousins. For both

  Skalp® hair loss series: Prevention; treatment and enhancement? Part 1: Prevention Only too often, hair loss issues are only dealt with when it

Have you got the eyebrow thing? Suddenly, it seems, eye brows have become all the rage. And it’s the huge fashion of tattoo’s that

Can a tattoo change your life? Here are Skalp we think it can. Over the last 10 years’ tattoos have proved to be at

The internet is a much safer place to be now. Security apps are a great deal more effective, computer users have a lot more

Sometimes we tend to accept greying hair as inevitable and in today’s society – luckily for most of us – there is a fashionable

The short answer to that question is no – they do not cause hair loss. However, if the constitution of the person is right

The words “Gender Fluidity” seems to be cropping up not just in our daily newspapers and media, but also in our everyday conversations. For some

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