6 Commonly Held Myths about Thinning Hair


Hair loss is unfortunately, one of those things that happens to many of us, however that doesn’t make it any easier if you’re the person who is losing the hair. There are plenty of reasons cited for hair loss and many myths around the idea of thinning hair – lots of which just aren’t true, albeit commonly accepted. So, here are some hair loss non-facts.

Hair Loss is for the Old

The reality is that you’re never too young to lose your hair. If you are
genetically predisposed then hair loss could potentially hit in your teens – there may be no health or medical issue behind it. Hair thinning should be monitored as its progressive and the earlier it’s treated the better.

High Testosterone Makes Hair Fall Out

High levels of testosterone doesn’t cause hair to fall out, however it does play a part. The body converts testosterone to a hormone known as DHT, which causes damage to hair follicles and then this in turn will cause hair to fall out. If this is something happening to you, then your doctor may prescribe an anti-androgen to prevent these hormones causing hair loss.

Baldness comes from your Mother’s Side

Another common misconception is that baldness comes from the mother’s side. This once again is not necessarily true. Baldness is hereditary and it’s not limited to the mother’s side and can come from both. So, the old idea of looking at your grandfather on your mother’s side to see what your hair will be like is merely a myth with no scientific grounding.

Washing your Hair causes Hair Loss

Recently, there has been a ‘no-poo’ movement that has been started by celebrities and bloggers. This associates shampooing hair with hair loss. There is once again no science behind this notion. Shampooing too little is in fact more likely to cause problems for your hair. Unwashed hair has hormones on it that cause hair loss. In addition, it can lead to dandruff and a lower quality of hair overall.

Sun Causes Hair Loss

This is another commonly held belief among some. However, the opposite is true. Sure, if you’re balding you need to protect your head from hair loss, however vitamin D is very good for hair and helps it on a number of levels. Vitamin D can come from diet as well as from the sunshine.

Colouring Hair makes it Fall Out

Dying hair won’t make you go bald, however it can cause issues for the quality of your hair if it’s done badly. If you receive a treatment again and again, peroxide for instance, then this will impact on the strength of your hair. In women, braids and extensions can cause extra pressure on hair and this will cause breakages and other issues. So, try and ensure that you treat your hair if it’s under such stresses.

Hair loss is a worldwide issue and one that has created plenty of myths over the centuries. However, the above aren’t true.

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