Scalp Micro-Pigmentation for Black Skin


dan 4Contrary to some popular misconceptions scalp micro-pigmentation is equally as effective for black men as it is for any other ethnic background. Here we clear up this misunderstanding once and for all and explain just how the treatment adapts to every client, considering their skin tone, their hair colour and even their hair line.

Dealing with the issue of hair loss

Hair loss can be a pretty difficult situation to deal with, particularly if you’re unsure of your options; along with hair loss often comes feelings of anxiety or uncertainty, which isn’t helped by a confusing landscape of information and misinformation as to what works, what doesn’t and what treatment and products will cost you.

The rise and rise of Micro-Pigmentation

Micro-Pigmentation is a straightforward and completely effective option in a world that seems to become ever more crowded by so-called ‘miracle cures’ for hair loss. The process involves the application of varying colour dots of differentiating sizes applied to the head to create a look of a shaved head. With ever advancing tools and technology this process is today producing results that are more realistic than ever before.

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation for black men: what to expect from a consultation

Micro-Pigmentation for black men represents a treatment that adapts to them. The consultation for the treatment would consider factors such as the areas of hair loss, the natural skin tone, hair colour and individual differences such as whether there are any scars to be covered.

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation for black men: A case study

Our client had become aware of a slow developing androgenic alopecia over the years, however had only become concerned when this effect was combined with a receding hairline which would consequently sped up over the course of 12 months.

In this particular instance Micro-Pigmentations was a particularly suitable option as alopecia conditions may improve over time, and as such the client’s hair would merely cover the pigmentation. Conversely if the condition worsened then additional Micro-Pigmentation can be applied.

A further defining factor as to how the treatment was to be applied was a car crash that the client has suffered when younger. This accident had meant that a certain extent of skull reconstruction was required and had resulted in an obvious scar. This scar, it was decided, was to have around a third in-filled, as this would achieve a balanced look that ensured the client’s head avoided a somewhat flat look.

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation for black men: Further defining factors

Micro-Pigmentation treatments for black men generally demand particular choices for methods of application, as well as such treatments generally including specific hairstyle choices: research has found, for example, that black men are more likely to choose sharper and bolder share lines and as their hairlines are generally thicker than Caucasian hair the follicles should be created as larger with darker pigments.

Additionally the prevalence of alopecia conditions may be more frequently seen for black men, as tight hairstyles such as cornrows can serve to produce traction alopecia.

Skalp are the World’s number one for scalp Micro-Pigmentation and through one treatment at a time they are changing the way in which the hair loss world is viewed.

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