Yul Brynner The First Bald Hollywood Heart Throb


The Russian born actor was born in 1920 and died in 1985 and was best known for his role in The King and I. In this classic film he played the king of Siam. He won an Oscar and he played the role over 4000 times on stage. He was also well known for his role in the Magnificent Seven a western made in 1956. Yul was really best known for his bald head and distinctive voice. Before he started acting he was a male model, later in his life he wrote two books.

Yul was born in 1920 and told a few porkies about his early childhood claiming he was part Mongol, but the reality was he was born in the Far Eastern Block of Russia, and had a middle class upbringing.

In 1951 he shaved his head for the role in the King and I, Yul was suffering from male pattern baldness and the transformation once he shaved all his hair off was amazing. Yul paved the way and made been bald look sexy. His striking appearance helped to give him legendary status. Yul continued to shave his head for the rest of his life, though on occasion he would wear a hairpiece for certain roles.

Yul was married four times so as with most bald men he was virile to say the least, also he was reported to have had a number of affairs. He really looked stunning and was an icon, many woman found him and still do incredibly sexy. Male pattern baldness didn’t affect his career and he would have looked amazing with a scalp tattoo (scalp micro pigmentation).