How the bald guys have shaped history


How the bald guys have shaped history

The bald head gets a big old thumbs-up globally in high fashion for guys. With top celebrities such as Samual L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan, Van diesel, and good old Patrick Stewart taking the hot new look of the bald pate on a 5 year mission to the final frontier , there is little doubt this sexy look is going to go away any time fast.


But is it that new? Clearly not – both men and women throughout history have been saddled with the problems of thinning hair throughout history. The difference is the celebrities of the past were not so much in the constant limelight of their fans and they used different methods to hide this age-old problem. It’s highly unlikely huge powdered wigs would catch on today – though Mozart apparently swore by them (!) and in his own time we think the girls probably thought he looked pretty cute.


How many of those greats from the past would have jumped at the chance of being able to use such a treatment as Micro Pigmentation to deal with their ever-receding hairlines? Now think how cool Mozart would look nowadays if he bought out an indie track?


But this article is really celebrating those guys from the past who didn’t have the treatments we have today to cope with hair loss. Those guys who shaped history for their countries and were bald and brave at the same time. So here are five guys who we will always look up to for more than just their cheeky baldness:


Winston Churchill

Probably the most famous war-time leader of all time. He led us Little Briton’s against a complete idiot with hair, fought against all odds and won. Many say it was not just his supreme defence and political strategies which won the war but his dynamic charisma which committed a whole nation against a common cause.


Charles Darwin

Evolution nowadays is an accepted concept and we do not question its principles at all. But less than 200 years ago it was a dangerous subject. It was the intellectual brilliance and bald head of Charles Darwin that put the pieces of the jigsaw together – he had the courage to publish his findings and changed the world forever.


William Shakespeare

Not many people know that there are many words in Shakespeare’s plays that were unheard until he used them in his writings. One of those words was “fashionable”. Looking totally cool for his day with his bald pate, Mr Shakespeare turned the publishing and theatre world upside down.


Mahatma Ghandi

If ever there was a hero who confronted, battled and won without once relying on the spilling of blood or resorting to violence there was no better icon than Ghandi. Through his peaceful and spiritually gentle rebellions he became idolised and set India on the path to freedom.



Another leader who revolutionised the political standing of a country, Lenin overturned hundreds of years of monarchy to install the relatively new concept of communism in Russia.  We may have no real feeling for him here in the west, but in his own country he was greatly loved and respected – over 100,000,000 people have visited his tomb since he died.


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