Channel 4’s Bodyshockers spreads the word about!



Here at, this time last week we were crossing our fingers that Channel 4’s Bodyshockers would offer a powerful impression of the service we offer and the Micro Pigmentation process. We shouldn’t have worried, it was great to see Adam Ullah having his treatment and the genuine excitement he felt after he had the process done.

In fact the Micro Pigmentation treatment did seem to stand out a little like a rose on a rubbish tip if I may say so – while others profiled in the programme seemed unhappy or very cautious about taking certain treatments forward, it was clear Micro Pigmentation was a great new way to deal with hair loss and still look super cool.

A real life changer for Adam

Adam was a great role model for the service and his reaction mirrored all the feedback for the service we have received so far. You can see all of our video testimonials if you click here

It would have been fantastic to see his response after he had the final two treatments (on Bodyshockers it showed his reaction after one treatment – genuine joy from Adam) as it is clear Skalp far surpassed his expectations. Skalp will soon be releasing a video to show the end of Adam’s journey so watch out for this.

He told me when I contacted him that the treatment had not only made a difference to his social life but to his working life as well. He had been very sub-conscious about his thinning hair and this in turn trashed his self-confidence. His new look really gave his ego a boost. A real life changer. But perhaps the best news came from his boss at the modelling agency. He told Adam that it had probably knocked ten years off him – so instead of being put forward for jobs needing 25 year olds instead 35 year olds!


Only accept the very best treatment

We just want to get the word out there how Micro Pigmentation at Skalp is safe and can really make a difference to your life – and as you may expect the phones have already started ringing so we are sure the programme has hit the right buttons.

In the programme you were lucky enough to see one of own trained professional practitioners Jason Piris affecting treatment – this is the unique passionate treatment that only Skalp provides. Do not accept any imitators we are there to offer you the complete package!

To contact one of our professional consultants please visit our website or ring 0845 094 1516.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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