Hot off the Press: Another Scalp Micro Pigmentation success story

Read Robert’s story and see his SMP results.

Here at Skalp® we like to shout about how effective our Micro Pigmentation services are and how they help change our client’s lives. You don’t just have to listen to us though. Our clients are often so pleased with the results that they are queueing up to give feedback and even help us create stylish videos that show how much the whole treatment has meant to them (you can see all of our clients videos on our website here )

Robert is just one of many, and the latest in a long line of success stories who was only too glad to be making a video. I chatted to him to find out more about his overall experience and what he felt the benefits were.

Hair loss from his twenties

Robert told me that he had been suffering from hair loss from his early twenties. He had always been very conscious of his thinning hair – mainly because it had begun at such a young age. He felt that there was a chance people would perceive him as being a great deal older than he actually was. Throughout our chat Robert was quick to state that he never really knew what others thought but it was his own perception of his hair loss that filled him full of doubt and was undermining his confidence.

At 32 he was well aware he was losing hair on the crown of his head very fast. He used to cut his hair very short (using a number 1 at the barbers) but he was never satisfied it did the trick in actually masking his hair loss.

First contact

He first heard about Micro Pigmentation through a friend who had seen it on television. Intrigued he decided to find out more and Googled it. As expected Skalp was the first company to appear and he was captivated enough by the website and the quality of the services that he did not feel he needed to look further at any of the other providers.

The first thing he did was to send off a picture of himself with a shaven head to get an idea as to how he would look after the procedure. Motivated once again by the results he spoke to one of the consultants on the telephone who gave him the confidence to take it to the next step.

A leap of faith

The treatment took place in Manchester and his practitioner was Marcin. Altogether there were three sessions. The first session was a hefty five hours long and at times it seemed time consuming, but looking back at it now he knows that the guys at Skalp made that time fly as easy as possible. He felt the guys at Skalp were absolutely fantastic – friendly – not clinical – and as well as giving him all the refreshments he needed he was immediately put at his ease. Everything was explained to him in full before the treatment took place.

There were three sessions altogether over a period of two months and each session got progressively shorter.

Robert was quite taken with how Skalp created his new hairline. In fact because he had been so focussed on his crown he had not realised how much his hair had receded at the front. Overall he feels far happier about his presentation and he believes he subsequently has more confidence in himself and his presentation.

Interestingly, he has found that no one really noticed he had had it done. He agreed with me that must surely be a good thing as his new look no doubt fit in perfectly with his normal presentation. The friends he did tell about the treatment were really amazed at how good it looks. Robert feels that the three sessions helped in the adaption of his appearance because it was spread over a long period of time – so people were not shocked by a sudden change.

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