How does the Skalp Micro Pigmentation process take place?


Tristan after treatment

Tristan after treatment

 How does the Skalp Micro Pigmentation process take place?

Here at Skalp we believe in putting the customers’ needs first.  We are totally aware that changing your appearance (even when it seems for the better) can be quite an awe-inspiring step to take. So we have made the process as simple, efficient and fast as we possibly can. We want you to know exactly what the final effect will be like before you even start so your choice is an informed choice. Our practitioners are all highly trained, we offer customer support and back-up and our prices are very competitive.  Please take a look at some of our testimonials to see some of our recent success stories.


How your hairline could look

Many of our client’s first contact us by telephone and one of our practitioners can talk you through the process with ease. However in an effort to ensure you are informed about Micro Pigmentation as much as possible, we have made our website a centre for everything you need to know about the treatment in easy to understand in layman’s language. Wondering about how you will look after the treatment? We have introduced a really cool idea on the website whereby you can send in a photo of yourself and on receipt we will return the picture with a projection of how the treatment would look.

You can also fill in the form on the website for a free consultation.  Until you decide to go ahead there is no pressure and no obligation.


The first consultation

In the first consultation (which will take place at your nearest clinic) we will discuss your hair loss issues. We will also show you our portfolio of different customer styles so you can choose which you prefer. But our consultant will also work with you to analyse your follicle pattern(s) and shading, to ensure the final solution is perfect for you.  Your well-being is paramount so our consultant will also talk to you about possible allergies, the overall process, preparation and after-care.


It is highly likely now you have discussed the look you are after that you will be raring to get started but we always advise a 24 hour cooling down period after the consultation. We want you to decide with your head (no pun intended!) as well as your heart.

If you decide to go ahead you will be asked to make a deposit to secure the dates for the process which each lasting about 3-4 hours. There will be 3 sessions altogether. In each consecutive session the practitioner will be enhancing the effect so colours, shading and hairline are perfect. Each session will be about one week apart.


We look forward to meeting you soon!

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