Why are we obsessed with Prince William’s Bald spot?


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This may sound a little bit of a silly question. It sounds a little bit trivial – but let’s face it, how often is thinning hair a central and riveting topic to make the headlines? How likely are you to want to talk about your receding hair in public? How likely are you to bring up your own friends’ disappearing locks?

Let’s talk about thinning hair!

The fact is hair loss remains a pretty taboo subject in general conversation. At best (or worst depending on who you are) it is a subject of banter between guys. Usually, this is only meant as harmless jokes but for the hair loss victim it can often covertly cut deep and affect self-esteem and confidence.

We are all affected guys

Strangely enough, research shows that hair loss will affect the majority of men sometime in their life and of course at different levels. So, on one hand, it is an accepted demon which we all have to deal with and a little bit of humor now and again helps to dispel the bad feelings.
Most of the time it is a little bit like the elephant in the room. It is noticed, an analysis takes place, a stereotype is probably attached to it – but nothing is said. However, the sufferer knows what those unconscious stereotypes are, catches those fleeting looks and will no doubt feel a sinking feeling as his true identity has been changed beyond his control.

The real reason for this kind of news

Yet we splash celebrity sufferers across our headlines. They sell newspapers and we are dying to know more. What is this all about then?
The latest news headline of this kind was Prince William. All the tabloids seem to have caught onto the fact that his hair is receding faster than all the other Windsors and clearly the United Kingdom should be warned.
But if you read any of these articles they all say the same thing.

Nothing. He’s well…losing his hair…

In other words, it is the monarchy that makes the news. It’s unique photographs of the monarchy that makes the headlines and if there is just one tiny factor the editor can get manipulate to fill space on page 5 then you can bet your bottom dollar we will be hearing about it. Not only that, because it has to be newsworthy it will be blown out of all proportion. Finally, as readers, we tend to believe that if it is in the papers it must be interesting news or it wouldn’t be there – we do kind of collude with what they are doing and get the press we deserve.
The next time there is an article on Prince William’s balding pate no doubt we will be buying the same newspapers and even reading the articles. This I am sure says more about the control of the media and says very little about Prince William or hair loss.

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