Robbie Williams gets a hair transplant


Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams recently admitted on the Graham Norton show that he has had a hair transplant in LA.  On the show he said I have lived in LA for a long time and if you live here long enough your going to end up getting some surgery. He funnily said, “I’ve had a thatch done!” he then went on to say that he didn’t need it done, he had 3 months off work and got bored.  Having looked at Robbie’s hairline it’s obvious he was showing initial signs of male pattern baldness. Back in his early Take That career Robbie had a buzz cut, he also had very short cropped hair in the Angels video and front cover of his album. Many stars have had hair transplants across the world but I imagine that LA is a very busy town for hair transplants. It’s likely that after the initial signs of male pattern baldness he became very concerned and immediately starting the process of restoring his hairline.


We were disappointed he announced his hair transplant in such a way, no one gets a procedure like that done just because they are bored. I’m sure rather than boredom he was highly anxious and insecure, he was just trying to play it down when he was on the Graham Norton show.  I’m sure the start of his hair loss produced self-esteem issues and affected his self-confidence. Hopefully he will pass on all he has learned about male pattern baldness to his friend and fellow band mate Gary Barlow. I don’t think it will be too long before Gary will be calling Skalp for his consultation. Skalp are the leading providers of SMP scalp micro pigmentation. Skalp offer the best solution for male pattern baldness, alopecia and receding hairlines, please check out our client stories section on our website to see the remarkable transformation of our clients.

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