So You’ve Just Had Your “Skalp” Treatment – Razor Or Clippers?


You’ve Just Been “Skalped” – Question Is, Do You Choose A Razor Or Clippers?

So you’ve just had your “Skalp” micro pigmentation treatment, you’ve got a fresh new look and a beaming new smile to match. All you need now is that all important tool to help ensure your treatment is always looking at its best; a good quality razor…… (Or pair of clippers depending on your preference).


Here at Skalp, we understand that each customer will have their own taste in terms of which shaving routine is best for their treatment. Having said this, in most cases we do advise that a wet shaven head will enable the customer to achieve the most natural look. We have compiled a list of four shaving options for your treatment, along with the pros and cons of using each method.


The sport is the most popular in the Headblade range, combining the original Headblade technology with the added benefit of wheels. The wheels enable the razor to glide effortlessly across the head and make for an extremely comfortable shave.



– Designed specifically for the purpose.

– Gives a close comfortable shave.


– Only available online.

– Can become pricey. While the razor only costs between £15 and £20, a pack of four blades is usually priced between £10 and £15.



The Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 is the most advanced razor available on the High Street today. With its long-lasting lubricating strip, ultra glide blades, and flip up trimmer (for the difficult act to access areas) The Hydro 5 boasts everything a man needs for a smooth close shave. While the Hydro 5 is not designed specifically for shaving heads, many guys swear by the comfort that this razor provides.



– long lasting blades

– Safe, comfortable shave


– Shaving the back of the head can be awkward at first.



For guys that like to have some stubble remaining on their head, Balding Clippers are the only way to go. Giving a closer shave then regular clippers, balding Clippers are often used in Afro-Caribbean barbers in order to achieve the “fade” look. While we always advise trying a wet razor first, if you are completely against the idea of a very close shave, these clippers might be the perfect solution.



– Inexpensive at around £30

– Save money on replacing razorblades.


– You may find yourself having to maintain this look more often than you to like.



If you are apprehensive about using a razor but want a closer shave than clippers can offer, a foil shaver might be for you. Typically used for facial shaving, a foil shaver gives a close shave without the hassle of having to foam the head. We found some good quality “Braun series 3” models for around £50 which would undoubtedly prove cost-effective in the long run.



– Gives a close shave with minimal risk of cuts or skin irritation.

– Cost effective when compared with frequently having to replace razor blades.


– The bulky design means that some areas of the head become difficult to reach.

– Unable to cut as close as a wet shave



Happy shaving!


man using razor to shave head


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