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The Skalp micro-pigmentation process will take just three visits to our professional practitioner to perfect a hairline styled to compliment your unique requirements. You will see from our videos that satisfaction is 100% and most can’t wait to get out there and show it off. But caring for your bald head is an on-going process and we want to make sure that you can keep your impressive look looking great, well after day one.

For those who are balding, have thinning hair or receding hair it is important to keep your head shaved so your own hair won’t look out of place with the hair pigmentation. This is simple and it may have been something you were doing before you had your treatment – but this article gives tips for making the whole process safe, easy and straightforward.

At Skalp we recommend you shave your head 2-3 times a week. If you haven’t committed to a full head shave before, allow half an hour the first time. With practice you will get much faster and feel more confident.

Preparation, preparation, preparation…

The best time to shave your head is after a shower as the warm water softens the hair, opens the pores and cleans the skin. You can also use facial scrub to help exfoliate the skin. The next step is covering your head in a good shaving cream. Make sure the gel or cream does not contain menthol as this tends to close the pores and also desensitize the skin. As with cooking, preparation is the key to a perfect result so take time with this part of the process.

The right tools

This is where all those clever little tools in your shaving mirror become essential. A good shaving mirror will have a stand so you will not have to hold it, will have a magnifying mirror for close-up work, can be tilted to view different angles and most importantly is easily moved to see your head from different angles. Make sure there is good light in the room where you are shaving.

Ensure you are using a clean sharp razor. The modern 3 blade cartridge razors are particularly effective as the three blades will take care of all lengths of hair. Many have a comfort strip below the blades which helps to protect the lumps and bumps and is great for sensitive skin.

The perfect head shave

Start by shaving in the direction the hair grows as this will minimise cuts, and irritation. Try to get into a pattern when covering the head with your razor. For instance, glide the razor gently down the sides and from back to front on top. Pay special attention to those notoriously easy to miss areas such as behind the ears and the back of the neck. Avoid applying to much pressure and rinse the razor often. When finished, apply a small amount of lather to your head. You may well feel rough spots which need to be re-shaved. Once finished close the pores with a splash of cold water.

Absolute protection

Finally, pat your head dry with a towel and apply your favourite aftershave balm (though again make sure it does not include menthol as this is likely to dry the skin). In warmer weather you can apply a sunscreen to prevent burning.

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