Too often people think that if they are suffering from hair loss there is nothing they can really do about it. True, with

  We all feel better after we have been in the sunshine. It’s not just about having that chance to lie on the beach

Hair and nutrition – let’s talk! Food makes us who we are, it’s our main source of nutrition and as such the health of

Scalp Micro Pigmentation works for all skin colors The great thing about Scalp Micro Pigmentation is it is totally universal. It will work for

What is Alopecia Areata? At Skalp® our service enables people find new aesthetic solutions to hair loss through Micro Pigmentation. We therefore want our

GQ editor decides to go bald How do you know a new fashion is really, well and truly in? Well, one big thumbs up

It’s great that the profile of hair loss in men is greater than it ever was. Men are not so afraid of talking about

It is true that in the same way that a tree will thrive in good earth, so healthy hair will grow more prolifically on

The more you earn – the more hair you lose? The results of a survey reported this week in the telegraph suggests that the

Can hair extensions lead to hair loss? To offer our customers and clients the most up to date and successful service, our goal is

Grey Hair- the facts Both men and women get grey hair naturally with age and 32% of people have noticed some of their hair

Male pattern baldness is a fact of life for many men, and most men accept it is a hereditary, genetic flaw that has been

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