Can stress really cause hair loss? Modern life can be extremely stressful for all kinds of reasons. It’s one of the reasons why discussions

Survey Reveals Men Under 35 Turn To Drink And Drugs To Cope With Hair Loss A recent hair survey by Asda Pharmacy revealed that

Are bald men attractive? We Have The Answer! You may be losing your hair, feeling a bit insecure, then find yourself asking ‘Are bald men

So just what is a mid-life crisis?     The mid-life crisis which is very much a male phenomenon seems a bit of a

  Too often people think that if they are suffering from hair loss there is nothing they can really do about it. True, with

The main reason you are losing your hair could be mostly due to androgenetic alopecia, an inherited condition. Hair loss brought about by genetics

Even though most of us understand that genetic factors tend to cause the lion’s share of hair loss, there are also some external ones

With any illness or medical complaint you need to deal with the root cause in order to find a cure. There are many different

3 Main Hair Loss Types There are three types of hair loss that both men and women face. In degrees of severity, one is

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