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Male Pattern Baldness- Can We Prevent It? Hair loss is something many men feel self-conscious or anxious about. Although this condition is not a

Non-Surgical Hairline Restoration Micropigmentation is the ideal way to restore a thinning or receding hairline without requiring any kind of surgical procedure. Hairline restoration

The problems of hair loss have been with us since man started walking on two feet unlike his more hirsute jungle cousins. For both

The good news is scientists are a step closer to being able to cure hair loss. Researchers in Japan have managed to grow skin

7 tips for a healthier scalp for bald people   For the bald person, getting a healthier scalp is a priority. Many presume that

Basil can reduce hair loss Well, I knew my mum was right – I should have eaten my greens when I was younger. At

  Baldness Myths Debunked   Hair loss has always been a factor for humans, however the myths around it have evolved significantly over the

Scalp micropigmentation is a fantastic way to deal with baldness and works at each and every stage of hair loss, providing the same results

Thinning hair and hair loss is a problem for both genders but most prolific in men. Most men grin and bear it. In fact

  As technology becomes a an integral part of every single part of our 21st century lives, there are few things now that cannot

Is hair loss affecting your self-esteem? Most guys will probably think this is a silly question and laugh it off – perhaps a little

Which hair transplant procedure? There are different hair transplant procedures on the market. Which one is right for you. Hair transplants have become a popular

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