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Women often experience diffuse hair loss, which can mean hair transplant surgery is not a good option. Additionally, in general, this also means they

Hair loss solutions come in all shapes and forms and one of the common drugs that’s recently utilised is Propecia. Though, we’ve heard people

Read Robert’s story and see his SMP results. Here at Skalp® we like to shout about how effective our Micro Pigmentation services are and

  Hair Loss And Anxiety Hair Loss And Anxiety can be a complex internal battle. Do you live in constant fear of losing your

For some time we have been aware that for all the good oral contraceptives can do, they also have harmful side effects such as

For most of us, Trichotillomania will be an unknown medical condition, however for the sufferer Trichotillomania is nothing short of disruptive to every, single

Ok, the results are in – there is no doubt that women find bald men attractive. Apparently many people (especially women!) would find this

Does drug use speed up hair loss? Cocaine and Hair loss: There’s much to be said about the bad habits that can speed up

There is no doubt there are a lot of suspicious claims floating around the internet as far as hair loss is concerned. Sometimes the

Is there a benefit for using lemon juice for hair loss? Lemons have never been top of my favourite taste list. That tart bitter

  The world of minerals and vitamins is today more extensive and varied than ever before, and as a nation we are now accustomed

It’s back! The fabulous beaches and exciting relationships of Ex on the Beach is returning to our screens. Expect hot in more senses than

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