Shining a Light on Shiny Scalps

1st August 2017

Shining a Light on Shiny Scalps There has been an awful lot written about anti shine measures for the bonce, and that applies just as much to those bald guys as it does to those dealing with hair loss who have had scalp micro pigmentation (SMP). For those looking for advice the truth is that […]


10th July 2017

    When men come to us at Skalp they are most often looking for a solution to their premature hair loss that will look natural and that will be the best solution for hair restoration they can achieve, without hair transplant. Many of them will have tried a lot of different remedies and hair […]

Rocking the SMP Look!

22nd June 2017

Rocking the SMP Look! It was something that came on gradually.   I started losing my hair when I was about 20.  I was kind of expecting it because the rest of the men in my family were follically challenged.   Another couple of lads in my group of friends also had hair issues though probably not […]

Hair Transplant vs SMP

13th June 2017

When hair loss starts to be come an issue there will be several things that you might be considering: Just putting up with it Considering a hair transplant Considering Scalp Micro pigmentation (SMP) With those choices, you probably want to weight up your options. So, we’ve noted the key differences for a Hair Transplant vs SMP. […]

Heads Up – Our reviews.

9th May 2017

Heads Up – Our treatment reviews. Not that we want to blow our own trumpet but we thought we would let you know what follically challenged people, just like you, thought about us. Here are a couple of our treatment reviews from our clients.   Geoff L Bicester I had tried just about every way […]

Getting The Best From Your SMP

3rd May 2017

  Getting The Best From Your SMP  The most important element of making sure that you get the right Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment is choosing the right clinic – and by choosing Skalp you’ve already got that right!  But there are some other things for you to consider before and after your appointment. If you […]

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