Hair loss myth no. 783: Curry prevents hair loss

18th January 2017

Curry prevents hair loss: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was true? It’s almost on the same level as “beer, chocolate and full English breakfasts help you lose weight”. No reason to go to the doctors – when you are worried your hair is thinning all you need to do is order a Chicken Tikka […]

Hair loss and hypertension

10th January 2017

Hair loss and hypertension Results from a study which has recently taken place in India suggest there is a significant connection between hypertension and hair loss. As much as changing your lifestyle (i.e. cutting out the stress) can reduce the effects of male pattern baldness it is equally important to see the prevalence of hair […]

The truth about hair loss medication side effects

4th January 2017

  The truth about hair loss medication side effects Medication for hair loss is becoming much more popular. But as much as it can be highly effective with certain hair loss complaints we continue to see reports that the medication has a dark side too. These medications can work for you but make sure you […]

Start your beard this Xmas and raise money for charity!

19th December 2016

Start your beard this Xmas and raise money for charity! Beards are definitely becoming an in-thing at the moment – they even make Father Christmas look trendy. But December is fast becoming a time to think about nurturing that manly chin bristle and join the party. And it’s not just because a beard is likely […]

Beating the big freeze with winter hair care

8th December 2016

Beating the big freeze with winter hair care Its time to start considering winter hair care. I know, It only seems like yesterday we were considering the best tips for hair care in the spring and summer months. Those balmy sun-soaked days never really seemed to appear here in the UK after all and now […]

New Treatment for Alopecia?

1st December 2016

New Treatment for Alopecia? It only seems like last week that we were proudly reporting new scientific advances in America concerning Alopecia. In fact, it was last week – the good news keeps coming though as reports are now in that medications that are also used for arthritis can possibly be used for sufferers of […]

Alopecia Universalis and Alopicia Totalis

29th November 2016

Alopecia Universalis and Alopicia Totalis There was good news this week when a report revealed that there are hopes for a new treatment for two for the most severe hair loss conditions – Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis. A pharmaceutical company based in Chester County, Philadelphia has filed an application with the US authorities (the […]

The return of the beard!

25th November 2016

The return of the beard! Facial hair gets really big in November as guys around the world grow the most outrageous, odd, cool and simply wimpy moustaches for Movember. Hair loss is no problem for chaps who want to nurture their upper lips and give a little back to men’s health charities and show off […]

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